The three keywords that best describe MAC and its network are: PEOPLE, QUALITY and REPUTATION.

PEOPLE are the center of the world. We are people, work is done by people, and companies are first and foremost groups of people. People that work together, of course, within an organization, to realize an idea, a project, a purpose, even economic, but, especially in a Cooperative, everything starts with people who choose to work together. 

There is no work, without workers, there is no business without entrepreneurs, and a Cooperative is, above all, the people who compose it. In our case, namely that of a social cooperative, aimed at the integration of socially fragile subjects, people are also our goal, because work is the most powerful tool for integration. In this perspective, as we explain with futher details in the dedicated pages, MAC is the reference partner in Italy for the international humanitarian program NDB Opera (  Rete CoOpera, and the executor of restorative justice programs according to the indications of the Italian Ministero di Grazia e Giustizia.

QUALITY  is the magic word of marketing, and no one would be so crazy not to use it within their presentation. We do it too, and we say that ours is a quality service. 

However, quality does not just mean professionalism in execution, punctuality in schedules, reliability in commitments. Quality also means, for us, sharing the performance goals of the client company: first of all, providing a right balance of quality and price for our services, and secondly, immediately complying with the client company's internal management policies.

REPUTATION  By paying due attention to these two important conduct parameters, MAC Servizi aims to keep a stable professional relationship for as long as possible, progressively consolidating the relatioship of trust with the customer.

Futhermore, there is also another element that can contribute to stabilizing the relationship over time, and that is the positive effect that working with MAC brings to the company's reputation, since it can be recorded in the company's Social Report, contributing to its qualification within the ESG (environmental - social - governance) compliance parameters required by the European Union.

In this regard, see what has recently been defined, for example, by the "scuola di Alta Formazione ALTIS" (ALTIS School of Higher Education), of the Università Cattolica di Milano .

Partners and collaborations

NDB Opera Italia

A solidarity network without borders

The NDB Opera humanitarian program is an international service platform aimed at the selection and search for personnel on an international scale, dedicated in particular to non-European citizens looking for an employment in Europe.

Established in 2021 on the initiative of Nereides De Bourbon Group, in application of the UN Global Compact guidelines, it submits all its partners and members to validation, according to UN ethical standards, following a strict and formal evaluation process.
For the candidates as well, the platform proceeds to a rigorous documentary examination, evaluates their preparation according to the various job duties offered, and accompanies them through a training path that leads them to learn the first elements of the Italian language, as required by law.

The network also takes charge of the recognition of the candidates' licenses, qualifications and degrees achieved outside of the European Union, or of the acquisition of their European equivalent degrees.

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Mister Job Resources

Professionalism and Social responsibility

Mister Job is a generalist employment agency that deals with the administration of both, fixed-term and permanent labor, brokerage, personnel research and selection, and support activities for professional relocation.

Mister Job boasts customers in different industries: logistics and transport, infrastructure, catering, fashion and clothing, and manufacturing, operating on a double front, meaning for the companies looking for Professionals, as well as for the individual workers who want to enhance their skills in the labour market.

Mister Job is one of the founders of the Rete d'impresa NDB Opera Italia, to offer its professionalism to socially fragile subjects: to guarantee even the less fortunate a correct job placement, in full compliance not only with current legislation, of course, but first of all with the natural individual and human rights: dignity, freedom, responsibility. For this reason, through the Rete d'impresa NDB Opera Italia, Mister Job shares its resources with the other members of the network.

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Amazon Key for Business

A useful innovation

Amazon Key for Business is a useful innovation for all apartment buildings, designed to simplify the receipt of Amazon packages. It is a device that easily integrates with the electronic access system and allows the delivery man to enter the common area of the building, only for the time necessary to leave the package in front of the customer's front door.

Basically, it’s the Amazon package that waits for the customer and not vice versa.

This is of course a temporary access; each Amazon delivery generates a dedicated single-use code. Once the delivery driver’s access authorization expires, he will not be able to re-enter the building. 

To protect the privacy of those who use this free service, the Amazon Key device does not collect data from residents at the packages’ delivery destinations, just as the property is never asked to share residents' data. Further details on this can be found at this website or at the following web page .

To install Amazon Key, you just need to sign the contract. Within 48 hours, a technician will contact you to arrange the installation of our device.

For further questions, please contact MAC Customer Service.

Call us at  0287159424 or fill out the form.

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Your supplier of raw materials for the production of plastic materials.

Setebaten, a.s. has been operating in the plastics industry since 2016. This has allowed the company to acquire a relevant competence level, which translates into the high quality of our services and plastic materials. Since the beginnig, Setebaten adopts quality standards that guarantee certainty and satisfaction for its customers.

Setebaten a.s deals with the supply of all types of polypropylene and polyethylene of the highest quality, according to the customer's production needs. It also provide transport, consultancy and everything necessary to achieve the customer's maximum satisfaction and loyalty.

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Prison Fellowship Italia Onlus - ETS

Recuperare vite spezzate

Prison Fellowship è la più grande associazione di ministeri nazionali cristiani che operano nel campo della giustizia criminale. La leadership straniera e i fondi locali sono alla base di ognuno dei ministeri. Questa presenza alle radici permette di assistere i carcerati e le loro famiglie secondo la loro cultura. Il cuore dell'associazione sono i volontari, che donano il loro tempo in modo generoso e attivo. Grazie all'adesione alla convezione, MAC Cooperativa (anche attraverso le società appartenenti alla sua Rete d'impresa denominata NDB OPERA ITALIA ) si impegna a ricercare opportunità formative e lavorative che possano essere sviluppate, in collaborazione con Prison Fellowship, all'interno ed all'esterno degli Istituti di Pena Italiana. Prison collaborerà, quindi, con Mac per la realizzazione delle attività di formazione finalizzate al concreto inserimento dei detenuti ed ex detenuti nelle attività lavorative, mettendo a disposizione la propria organizzazione, le proprie relazioni e la propria esperienza per presentare, adeguatamente, tali progetti all'interno degli Istituti di Pena Italiani.

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